History of the company DŘEVODÍLO Rousínov

DŘEVODÍLO was founded as a buying and selling cooperative of Rousínov joiners on the 28th of August 1945. It was then listed in the Commercial Register on the 21st of May 1951. The company managed to successfully build on the rich furniture tradition of the Rousínov region and gradually became one of the most important furniture manufacturers in Czechoslovakia and Central Europe. It had plants in Slavkov u Brna, Bučovice, Vyškov and Rousínov, and in 1971 it managed to acquire new premises for the Rousínov plant by purchasing the premises directly from Spojené uměleckoprůmyslové závody (the United Arts and Crafts Works). At that time there was such a demand for furniture from DŘEVODÍLO that the waiting list for delivery could be as long as 3 years.

After the Velvet revolution in 1989, as a result of the privatisation process, part of the property was sold off and several entities were split off, which still refer to the long craft tradition of DŘEVODÍLO. It was necessary to stabilize the company and merge most of the production into one place, first to Bučovice and then back to Rousínov. However, there has never been any interruption in production or failure to meet the high quality standards for which DŘEVODÍLO was famous. Today, the company is growing again – expanding production capacity, investing in its own development and beginning to penetrate foreign markets, especially Austria, Germany and the UK.