In cooperation with the interior design studio ATAK design we realized a children’s room. The main material in the children’s room is ash. Ash is a distinctive material thanks to its wood structure, but thanks to its light shade it looks pleasant and cosy in the interior. It was therefore a great choice for the children’s room.

In a room for two children, we needed to get as much space as possible, so all the furniture was made to measures and not an inch of space was wasted.

The sleeping area is dominated by a solid wood bed, where we had a small safety barrier made at the client’s request, which can be easily removed. The sleeping area is followed by storage compartments and a bench seat with upholstered seat cushions. We complemented the wooden decor with cabinets made of coloured laminate, which enlivened the overall space.

The desk was made long enough to serve both children over time. Playful yet practical accessories in the form of nets and distinctive handles on the cabinets, which can also serve as hangers, are an original addition that adds to the uniqueness of this room.

Author: ATAK design


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