Lednice Brewery

The Lednice Brewery has combined our carpentry craft with craft beer and created a place where you can smell not only the aroma of malt, but also honest work in every detail. We have been with the project as the implementation company from the very beginning. The realization of the design was specific especially with the use of various natural materials. This is a brewery restaurant, where the materials used such as Corten, leather, marmoleum and solid wood underline the uniqueness of the place.

At the entrance you will come across a dominant backlit bar, which is lined with steel plates with milled elements that reflect the visual style of the brewery. The interior design has been thought out in every detail. You know immediately that you’ve entered the brewery, and as soon as you walk in, the pleasant smell of malt permeates the entire space. Industrial design was the obvious choice for the brewery. The beer production itself is partly connected to the interior of the restaurant, so you can easily meet the brewer at the hops over the beer control.

Marmoleum and wood in Lednice Brewery

In the production of all the tables in the brewery and other pieces of furniture, we used a combination of two natural materials, which are solid oak and marmoleum. This combination not only works well together, but is also pleasant to the touch, which was essential for us when making the tables.

We showed our versatility in the realization of the Lednice brewery. Working with wood is our daily bread, but here we involved mainly metalwork and also upholsterers in the delivery of upholstered benches. Another interesting feature is the backlit brewery name sign on the wall, where we had to be meticulous not only in the fabrication but especially in the installation.

lWe also used Corten for the cladding around the solid doors, which we made to measure. The door leads to the VIP lounge where you can enjoy a beer in private with your friends. The Lednice brewery is definitely worth a visit.

Lednice Brewery

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