The Moravian Gallery in Brno

Designshop of The Moravian Gallery

For the Moravian Gallery in Brno, we realized the complete equipment of their Designshop, which is located immediately at the entrance to the gallery. The minimalist design and light tones of the shop make all the artworks you can buy in the Designshop stand out. These are original original products and entire collections from different designers. In the shop you will find handmade jewellery, glass, leather, wood and other pieces made of different materials. The shop itself is actually a kind of art “work” made of wood, which we have made from an increasingly popular material – birch plywood in natural finish.

Designshop made entirely of plywood

Furniture made of birch plywood looks very minimalistic and the only playful element is its edge, where you can see the layers that glue it together. It’s the admission of this detail that we love about plywood and it stands out in the furniture set behind the reception desk. The reception desk gives a monolithic impression and is adorned only with the Designshop logo. We also used plywood to make tables to display various products and display cabinets with glass inserts. A custom-made lockable cabinet with safety glass is used to present mainly art jewellery. Birch plywood was also used in the production of exhibition cabinets for the permanent exhibition Art Design Fashion and especially its part Cave: Panorama of Design, which presents products from the rich industrial history of Brno, Moravia and the Czech lands.

The Moravian Gallery is one of the places you should visit when visiting Brno. In the Designshop you will surely discover an original piece that will catch your eye.

The Moravian Gallery in Brno

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