Workflow and how we work

We’re not a big company, but we’re not small anymore either. There are 50 of us and we can finish over 300 interiors a year. And so we need to have a clear structure, each department has its own head, we work with information systems that help us to calculate correctly, plan production and evaluate orders in detail.

Normally, you’ll come into contact with someone from the sales department first. If we come to an agreement as personalities, in terms of time and price, then comes the implementation phase. Below you will find a description of each department in the implementation phase.


Furniture construction is one of the most important activities in the realization of each contract. Quality production preparation offers a number of advantages. We draw, or rather model, the furniture using 3D software SWOOD and SolidWorks and can thus create the so-called digital twin of the real product. How does it work? We design the product, fine-tune every joint, fastener, or machining in detail, and then transfer the data directly to the machines. They know exactly what to do. The result is a product that exactly matches the one on paper. This is what we call Industry 4.0.

Project management

Every contract has its own project manager. He is the link between the customer, production, subcontractors and you, our valued customer. A huge advantage is a clear and direct communication with one person who always has up-to-date information. Our project managers are professionals on the job, with real experience in production, preparation, and implementation. They have an up-to-date overview of production, material supply, capacities and are in constant contact with our subcontractors. They guarantee the seamless progress of the contract as well as the agreed deadlines.

Own production and assembly

We’re not resellers. Everything we design we can also manufacture and install. There are 50 professionals working on 4000 m2 who know what they are doing. Our fleet consists of 10 vehicles and in addition to fully equipped wood furniture production, we also produce our own metal furniture, upholstered furniture and have our own paint shop. Our entire production process is designed in detail and set up to be as efficient as possible. The flow of material and finished products is clearly defined and there is no room for error. Come and see for yourself, we will be happy to guide you through our production.