Foodcourt Eurovea

Foodcourt Eurovea

For the Bratislava shopping centre Eurovea we have implemented a complete solution for the gastronomy area. The relatively spacious interior of the foodcourt in light tones gives a clean impression and the incorporated interior greenery gives a pleasant feeling. For a moment, you feel like you are sitting inside a quiet restaurant and not in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a shopping mall.

The overall space of the foodcourt is divided into several zones. Each zone has its own specific character and you can choose which “corner” you like the most.

For the foodcourt space, we custom-made dining and bar tables with steel bases. For the table tops, we chose artificial stone, which not only corresponds to the overall design, but is also practical and highly durable due to its frequent use.

The dividing walls, podiums and backlit mantles were made of high-pressure laminate in a light shade, which does not disturb the overall calm impression and, on the contrary, brightens the entire space. We also took care of the production of other interior elements, such as waste bins and planters.

The use of interior greenery in the dining area is an ideal choice. Greenery has a calming effect and, if you really know how to work with it, it makes a wonderful design element. The different shades of green are a nice contrast to the neutral base of the entire interior.

Foodcourt Eurovea

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