We furnished office for consulting and development company – Intecs.

The whole concept reflects the current trend in applied office design, which is minimalism, simple practicality, ecology and comfort for users, on which the overall prosperity of the company depends. The interior design studio ATAK Design thought of all these aspects when visualizing the design and we have only brought them to life in Dřevodilo.

For Intecs, the offices were not just a move to a new space, but actually a whole new beginning. The change of name, but also the new visual style was reflected in every detail including furniture, accessories and atypical wall paintings. The corporate blue and monochromatic elements were eventually softened by the wooden decor on the furniture, acoustic upholstered walls and green plants on the walls.

We also incorporated the Tablies variable table into the common areas, which was exclusively designed for us by designer Ing. Iva Bastlová. It is a great helper not only when dining, but also at work. In solid oak in combination with a wide range of colours, it can be made directly according to corporate colours or complement them nicely.

The most important thing about the whole project was the incredible focus on its employees and their comfort. The dining area, the chill out zone, the phone boxes and the kitchen formed quite a significant part. Playfulness and an overall design that takes your mind off work for a while means a lot more than many people think. I wish this was the standard and not the exception in all similar implementations.

Author: ATAK Design


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