KPMG Office

We supplied our production of atypical furniture for the new offices of one of the largest providers of consulting services – KPMG. The implementation of the offices was quite extensive and we provided mainly atypical production needed for the furnishing of functional areas such as client and company kitchen, reception, meeting rooms and storage areas.

Atypical furniture production for kPMG office

The reception desk made of metal and wood is decorated with the illuminated KPMG logo. The elegantly coloured reception desk gives a luxurious and clean impression and is a calling card for the entire company. We have also used wooden wall panelling combined with veneer in other parts of the office. The light wood warms up the space and corresponds with the cool tones of the other pieces of furniture. The implementation also included a large amount of upholstered furniture – especially the L-shaped upholstered bench in the client kitchen and acoustic meeting boxes in the open dining area.

Dividing the kitchen into client and company zones is a great idea and solves many complications, especially at lunchtime. At KPMG we have made 3 bespoke kitchens in total. Minimalist kitchens without open shelving are not only practical but timeless. The kitchen island with its atypical oval shape is a dominant and indispensable component. Each island is made from a different type of material and is therefore unique.

The last interesting element was the production of a bench with a flower pot. The bench in wooden decor with an upholstered seat has a built-in flowerpot in carbon grey. Everything fits together nicely so you can relax with a “piece of nature” in your office.

Designer: Prochazka & Partners

KPMG Office

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