TABLIES coffee tables

In cooperation with the renowned designer Iva Bastlova, we have realized the first of the new TABLIES table series. These are 2 coffee tables that are beautiful, smart and practical.

TABLIES convert
is a simple U or C-shaped table with at least 3 possible ways of use. As a classic coffee table or as a standing table that can be simply slid under the sofa. It is comfortable not only for dining but also for working. The dimensions of the table are 350 x 450 x 650 mm (height x depth x width). Solid oak construction, oil finish. 18mm LTD plates.

is a designer coffee table with plenty of storage space and a pull-out top that is very comfortable for work or dining. Table dimensions 400 x 600 x 1000 mm (height x depth x width). Pull-out plate up to 600 mm. Solid oak construction, oil finish. 18mm LTD.